Shawn's Poems

Even Winners Lose (One Reason Not to Fight)


Citation, litigation and near amputation 

did little to spoil the victory celebration. Winston gladly endured the slight mutilation.

 The judge declared vilification. 

Winston cried, “It was victimization! 

This is an abomination of misinformation! My buddies gave me a standing ovation because of my opponent’s annihilation. 

He talked about my mama: It was mere vindication.” 

The judge sent him to juvie with much exasperation.

Lost Within a Labyrinth


Lost within a labyrinth

the stifling darkness crept.

However can I find myself,

the child like waif wept?

Identity established

through the many roles she played.

Mother, daughter, lover:

who am I?

she mournfully prayed?

Never really knowing

acceptance, love or life.

The only thing she really knew

was being the faithul wife.

Miraculously, the haze lifted

the day he found someone else.

That was the day

the lost woman child finally found