Christian Books for Truth Seekers

Answer Me God! (If You Even Exist)


A woman's many questions keep her from believing in God.  Why does God allow suffering? Do Christians hate gays? Why should she follow the God of hypocrites? Why doesn't God protect abused children? She has a conversation with God hoping to find the truth. The back section of the book is a reference section filled with evidence,biblical citations and quotes. This book is for all the truth seekers who find it difficult to believe that a loving God exists.  $8.16

Answer Me Jesus! (If You Even Exist)


Non-believers tell Jesus, "We don't believe you are God, if you even exist." Jesus answered, "Tell me more. I am listening." They continue asking tough questions such as, "Aren't you narcissistic to think you are the only way to heaven?" "What about the people who never heard of Jesus?" The back reference section has biblical citations, quotes, historical evidence and archaeological evidence. $8.16

Answer Me Holy Spirit! (If You Even Exist)


Looking for truth, people ask the Holy Spirit questions. This book covers a wide variety of subjects from fruit of the Spirit to what is the trinity. This is the third book in a series of books that question God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. A reference section gives biblical citations and quotes on all the topics. $8.16

Answer Me!


Truth seekers ask God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) thought provoking questions. Why does God allow child abuse? Isn't Jesus narcissistic when He claims He is the only way to heaven? Do Christians believe in three Gods? All three of the Answer Me Books are included in Answer Me! A reference section with bible verses, quotes, worldly evidence and comments from the scribe support the answers.  $20.27