Educational Books: Resources for Counselors & Teachers

Classroom Management K-12

Classroom management skills can be learned. The key is consistency, organization, procedures, rules and great relationships with your students. This book will provide you with the framework. Once you have the classroom management, you can cultivate and enjoy your passion for teaching.  A great teacher's teachers resources resource. $12.00

I Am NOT Telling Grades K-5

Big Trouble Tommy becomes Trouble Free Tommy after learning problem solving skills. I Am NOT Telling is an acronym for problem solving techniques. The teacher edition comes with physical, parental and art activities. It also has posters, writing prompts and role plays.  $23.80

Games Galore Grades K-5

Games Galore has four different games for elementary students. Friendship skills, anger control, problem solving skills and learning acceptance are all taught. There is also a getting to know each other game. Counselors and teachers will find easy to follow directions. Children will have fun while they learn.   $23.80

Nobody Looks Good in Stripes Grades 6-12

This the Teacher Edition of Nobody Looks Good in Stripes. The curriculum can be for prevention and intervention. Easy to follow lesson plans that include role play, debates, writing, games, family night, plays and a poster of strategies. $23.99

Games Galore Grades 6-12

Games Galore Grades 6-12 is geared for middle school and high school students. Games and activities are focused on team building, problem solving, bully prevention and getting to know each other. Counselors and teachers will find the directions easy to follow.  $23.99