Children's Christian Books

Shrinking Belly


After being insulted by Leonard Lion, Bobby refuses to forgive. He told his sister,  "Are you crazy? Are you loony? Are you out of your head? Don’t you remember all the awful things Leonard said? I refuse. I decline. I will never forgive. For now on with a shrinking belly I will live." Bobby eventually learns that he benefits the most by forgiving others. $9.99

Happy Belly


Bobby Bear was mad at his father. He snorted. He fumed. His eyes bulged out of his head. He pointed to his father and angrily said, "You don't love me. You hate me why else would it be, That you won't even help little old me?" This book is for anyone who has ever been mad at his father or God. $9.99

Pants on Fire


Sammy the squirrel claimed to be king. The other animals said he was crazy and a liar. However, he healed animals and came back from the Land of No Return. $9.99



Chuck Bear keeps meeting spiritual animals. However, he thinks spiritual creatures are spirits or ghosts. He tries to prove to his sister that ghosts are everywhere. Nursery rhymes and old songs are altered to tell the story; therefore, making it a fun tale to share with young children. $10.99